Which QooBee Plushy You Like the Most?

Lets vote for the most wanted QooBee Plushy here! These plushy are still prototypes. However, you can purchase the normal smiling plushy here.

QooBee Plushy Collection
QooBee Plushy Collection

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  1. Qusai

    I want to buy the collection
    how ??

    1. pengfei

      hi Qusai,

      This series is out of stock now. We are making another series which will be ready by the beginning of next year. Will let everyone know on Facebook. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

  2. Jelly

    I want that crying qoobee hihihi

    1. pengfei

      Hi Jelly, please subscribe our newsletter, we will update you when they are ready for sale.

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