QooBee Plushy Available for Sale


The long waited QooBee Agapi’s plush toy is finally here for our dearest fans. However, we only managed to grab hold of a limited stock of 25 pieces of the little fella for the first release.

So hurry up and grab him home before it’s all gone!

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Latest QooBee Stuffed Toy Update

We are running a preorder program for QooBee Plush Toys this year. They are already in production and will be delivered in July 2019. Do take a look at our latest samples of QooBee plushy 2019.

QooBee Stuffed Toy Showcase 2019

QooBee Stuffed Toy Showcase 2019

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QooBee Agapi Grumpy Plushy

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Finally QooBee’s 3rd addition plushy -“The Grumpy Face” is here for you. Please go to QooBee’s Indonesia facebook page to find out more on the order information. Fans from other countries should be able to purchase the whole series soon. Please look out for announcements in our official social media channels for the latest news.

QooBee Plushy Update 2019

We are running a preorder program for the latest Qoobee Plushy to be delivered by July 2019. Please preorder yours now!

Qoobee Stuffed Toy - 2019

Qoobee Stuffed Toy – 2019

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