About QooBee & Friends

About QooBee & Friends

Qoobee Agapi is a cute dinosaur angel. He brings all kinds of love to man kind and making this world a peaceful and harmonious place to live in.

The story begins few years after the battle between the Titans and the Olympians at Mount Olympus. Millions of angels died as a toll of their greed, hatred and jealousy and only a few managed to survive from the devastating battle.

QOOBEE and Milky - The Story of QooBee

QOOBEE and Milky – The Story of QooBee

Seeing love ones died during the battle, heartbroken Athena – Goddess of Wisdom understands it’s only the power of Love can prevent wars and bring perpetual peace. Hence she built ~ The Little Wings Valley ~ to train little wings angels to disseminate “Love” to both heavens and the earth. All graduated will be granted with a pair of big wings and a title “Qoobee Agapi”. All little wings angels’ dreams are to own a pair of big and beautiful wings.

QOOBEE dreaming of having big wings

QOOBEE Dreaming of Having Big Wings

Once upon a time, a war among the gods living at the top of the Olympic mountain ruined the entire Olympic empire. Most gods died as a toll of their greed, hatred and jealousy and only a few gods managed to escape and survive from the catastrophic war outbreak.

With a broken heart, they left the ruined Olympic town and started a new life somewhere in the Olympic range – The Little Wings Valley. A remote holy place hidden within the Olympic mountain range. It’s unreachable for mankind. The entrance to the valley is guard by the King of Titan – “Tiny” who would bar all mankind and evil spirits to enter the premise.

Little Wings Angels Embrace with supreme spiritual power and a pair of little wings. Little Wings Angels are destined to bring love to the chosen mankind. The sudden outbreak of war had forced them to leave their hometown. They hate war and any other kind of conflicts that could bring harm to both immortals and mortals Cupid – One group of little wings angels who were being trained from young to bring love to all living things in the mother earth.