QOOBEE Agapi Zodiac Designs

QOOBEE Agapi Zodiac Designs
QOOBEE Agapi Zodiac Designs

Found this drawing which was done many years ago when QOOBEE was just born. This brings back so many sweet and bitter memories. It took me a long time before I could get the shadings right. When looking back at them I feel like reworking on these drawings and make them into hugging pillows. How does that sound? Excited?

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  1. Vivian Huynh

    I would love to see these zodiacs of Qoobee in small keychain plushies! It would look really nice if we could hang them on our purses, backpacks and display them anywhere <3

    1. pengfei

      Yes we would love to explore that. But first I think the zodiacs must go through a redesign before releasing them.

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