2 Expressions for the First QooBee Plush Toy


QooBee Soft Toy Expressions
QooBee Soft Toy Expressions

Hi Guys, this is a mockup I have done for a variation of the QooBee plush toy coming out this NOV in ITGCC. Do give me some feedback on if they look good being displayed together…:)

Updates for QooBee plush in 2019

We are producing a series of QooBee plush to be delivered in July 2019. The pre-order exercise is open now

Qoobee plushy 2019
Qoobee plushy 2019 – All Designs
QooBee Plush - 2019
QooBee Plush – 2019

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  1. Rox

    When it will be available?

    1. pengfei

      Hi rox, pre order will start this week

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