We are making a Mini QooBee Game for iPhone & Android

We are exploring the idea of making a simple QooBee puzzle game that will be released on iPhone and Android. It’s going to be awesome to see QooBee having its own game on sale!

Qoobee Game

Qoobee Game

QooBee Quest Mockup Design Barn

QooBee Quest Mockup Design Barn

QooBee Quest Mockup Design Barn

QooBee Quest Mockup Design Barn

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QooBee Stickers’re on Apple iMessage

Dear friends & QooBee fans,

Thank you for your constant support and love of QooBee Agapi all these years. Following the release of QooBee LINE stickers two years ago, we have just brought to you another great treat.

QooBee is on Apple iMessage!!

It comes with 96 stickers, many of them are freshly created with LOVE! If you are using iMessage, do check it out by clicking on the link below:


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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

QooBee wishes everyone a happy mid autumn festival

It’s been a long time since I last update QooBee’s blog. This QooBee image is requested by a super fan from Malaysia. Here you go Farren. 🙂

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Rest for a while

QOOBEE rest for a while

QOOBEE rest for a while

I think resting is important, if you don’t sleep, you will get a painful ulcer in your mouth. I must sleep now….good night everyone.


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Tastes of Life


Everyone is different from each other. We have different family backgrounds, go to different schools, make different friends… However, these are the experiences that we have all come across before in life. Maybe after seeing this picture, you might want to choose one taste that represent how you feel today and share your experiences in the comments section below…:)

PS. I feel “SOUR” today because I went fishing the whole afternoon and caught nothing…:(

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Qoobee Plush Toy First Revision

QooBee Plushy First Revision

QooBee Plushy First Revision

This is the first revision guide for Qoobee plush toy. On the left is the original toy, on the right is the modified correction guide. Hopefully, the factory can make some great improvements this time round.

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Cherish The People You Love In Life

Cherish the people you love

Cherish the people you love

There are and will be people that you love very much in life. Do remember to spend more time with them because that is the only way to show how much you love them.

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